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If there is one thing that all households have in common, it’s gold jewelry. Every family has at least one or more gold ornaments lying around in the house that is never going to be worn again. If your jewelry collection has such pieces, it’s time to clear them out to make room for new and fashionable ones. So, what do you do with your old jewelry items? Instead of holding on to them and adding to the clutter in your vault, you sell them out for the highest value you can get. This is where we come in.

Houston Diamond Exchange is one of the premium jewelry buyers in your area. We buy everything from dinged up gold coins to broken chains, mismatched pairs to outdated jewelry. So, whether it’s your grandma’s old choker which is inarguably out of fashion at this date or a wedding ring from your previous marriage that you don’t know what to do with, give us a call, because in all probability, we will buy it.

Gold jewelry buyers near houstonWhat do you get it return? You get the highest premium possible in exchange for those junk jewelry items. We assure you the highest monetary reimbursement possible on a given date for your jewelry. So, don’t miss your chance to recycle your old baubles in the most profitable and responsible manner.

For us, each of our customers is valuable. So, we strive to offer you the highest price possible for all your items. We do not care how many pieces you have to sell or what quality jewelry you bring to us. Our object for all sellable goods is to offer the highest premium.

Why Trust Us?

We have been the most trusted buyer of gold and diamond jewelry in Houston for many years now. We cater to a wide base of clients who trust us with their most valuable items. Our clients trust us, and we believe you will too, for the following reasons.

  • In our time in the industry, we have received various recognitions.
  • We have a state-of-the-art laboratory where we authenticate, appraise, evaluate and grade items.
  • We do not take a sweeping approach at evaluation. Instead, we make simultaneous analysis of all the components for accurate evaluation.
  • We guarantee fast and easy selling of jewelry.
  • We make quick sorting and analysis for all our clients.
  • We assure fast results with comparable accuracy.

Our Way of Evaluation

We believe full transparency is the foundation of trust. That is the reason why we are so open with our clients about our methods and approaches. So, in case you are curious about how we do evaluation for all the items that come to us, here is a short version of our process.

  • Once you give us a go ahead, we set to inspect and analyze the items. For this, we take the aid of experts and analytical equipment like X-ray spectrometer and electronic resistance testing to get an accurate report. Our results are more dependable than acid tests.
  • At this stage, we weigh all your items on registered scales. For clarity, we do the weighing in front of our clients so they too can see the numbers.
  • At this point, we will have all the details in hand to make the calculation. We refer to the spot price of the day and compute the price based on our findings. We give you a nuanced breakdown of the price so you understand how much you are getting paid for individual items.
  • When we have the final price, we make you the offer. You may go ahead and accept it, or put it on hold and shop around to see if you can find a better deal elsewhere. You are welcome to come back at a latter point to go forth with the selling.

Once we get your approval, we will give you two choices of payment, cash and check. Choose your preferred mode and we will pay you instantly.